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At Caringbah South Preschool we believe in providing a loving, educational and happy environment where the children come first. Caringbah South is a supportive and nurturing community, which involves the children, their families and caring educators. We are committed to providing quality education and care.


Our values and beliefs:


* We believe that all children have the right to be safe.

* We believe that all children have the right to a safe, loving, caring, nurturing, happy and diverse learning environment.

* We believe that all children are capable, creative and active learners who learn at their own pace. We believe that a child focused approach to planning allows children to become competent happy learners.

* We believe in creating an aesthetically pleasing, stimulating environment that allows children to grow, build relationships and gain an awareness and sense of the world they live in.

* We believe in providing a nurturing, loving atmosphere where children feel at home.

* We believe in creating a diverse, holistic and creative curriculum which allows children and families to gain a sense of belonging and respect.

* We believe in creating a positive environment among the staff, children and families to create an inclusive programme.

* We believe in positive relationships among staff, children and families and community, allowing us to develop an inclusive programme.

* We believe in collaborating with families to gain knowledge, life experiences and different cultural views

* We believe that all educators continually reflect on their practices and use ongoing training as a tool to develop and expand their knowledge.

* We believe in promoting health and hygiene throughout our centre

* We believe in implementing a quality improvement plan that allows all educators to reflect on our practices within our centre

* We are committed to the National Quality Framework and to have knowledge of, understand and implement the education and care services national law and care services national regulations.

* We believe in developing our curriculum in accordance to the Early Years Framework.

* We believe in liaising with early intervention services and professionals when necessary.

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